Faculty / Staff Parking After Hours Parking Permit

Terms and Conditions

The After-Hours permit is available to faculty and staff who have purchased a WWU bus pass. An employee cannot have any other permit that already covers the times these permits allow you to park (i.e. have an additional permit with same access privileges).

Permit will be valid FALL– SPRING QUARTER (9/24/13 - 6/23/14), if the WWU employee bus pass fee has been paid for the quarter(s) you are using this permit. Driver is subject to being cited if permit is used and payment has not been made for that quarter. Contact Parking Services if you have any questions.

Permit is valid Monday- Friday, 4:30PM-7AM and all hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Permit will be honored in lots: 5G, 7G, 10G, 11G, 14G, 17G & 19G (no other lots).

Reminder: permit is NOT valid at meters, reserved spaces, disability parking spaces, or in lots reserved for an event.

Permit may NOT be transferred, sold, or given to anyone.

A new permit will be required for SUMMER QUARTER (6/23/14-9/21/14). The parking website will be updated in May of 2014 with additional information, or you can contact Parking Services.

Any attempt to alter, forge, or reproduce this permit will automatically void the permit and your vehicle will be subject to citation, impound/boot fees, and revocation of WWU parking privileges.

For a permit to be considered valid, it must be hanging from rear view mirror facing windshield or face-up on dash (driver’s side, with permit number visible for enforcement staff to see the front of this permit).

A $6 Fee will be assessed to replace a lost permit or to transfer to a Quarterly, Academic, or Annual permit.

A stolen permit should be reported right away. If stolen on campus, you will need to contact University Police. Parking Services can be contacted to review permit replacement process.

By clicking on the accept button you agree to all terms and conditions for this permit. After clicking on the accept button you will redirected to the on-line application form.